Jack Kerouac Biography

Jack Kerouac Biography

We're thrilled to announce that Paul Slovak at Viking has bought the North American rights to Jack Kerouac: A Writer’s Life, an estate-sanctioned biography by Holly George-Warren. The book will examine the evolution of Jack's writing process and style, and face head-on the difficult aspects of his story, including how his ideas about race, sexual identity, and gender changed throughout his life. 
📷: John Cohen 


  • Allan Newsham

    Jack Kerouac, a bisexually straight Republican beatnik, an enigma of poetry, holiness, booze and righteousness self doubt.

  • michael a scheip

    read OTR as a junior in high school, 1972. Now I’m 66 and for the first time setting in to read as much of his fiction, especially the Duluoz legend. I am certain that your site will be a source of learning about the man Kerouac as I read the words of the man.
    God bless you.
    Father Mike

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